Painting in a New Way

I just posted 2 new paintings to my site. You should check them out!

Using small field oil sketches as reference for larger in-studio paintings is the only way that I can hope to generate paintings consistently. With a full time job and New England weather being what it is, I couldn’t seem to produce enough new work. I didn’t have the luxury of returning to a site in the field on multiple identical days (and times) to complete a large canvas. If I just took photos of a scene and attempted to make a painting using that as reference my paintings didn’t have any life.

“The Great River” I started while at a workshop by Kenn Backhaus in New York. The theme of the workshop described exactly how I should be making my paintings: using small field sketches, photos, and notes as reference for building larger, in-studio paintings.

“Red of the Charles” was a painting that I started before the workshop, but in the same way. I had painted a small color study of the bridge and on another day hired a model to sit for a second study. These 2 small sketches and numerous photos (and notes) became the seeds for the larger (18″ X 24″) final in-studio painting that you now see on my site.

About stevenAsimpson

I am a fine artist painting in oils in a loose realistic style.
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