New Painting: “Home of Her Berth”

Yes, “Berth” is spelled correctly in the title. This painting is a 16″x20″ oil on canvas showing Gloucester harbor. Yeah, I know I said that field sketches are so much more color-accurate than photographs, and here the final looks so different from the sketch below. Well, the artist also has the right to change whatever he wants to, too. The field sketch has a much more humid-summer’s-day look to it (which it was) and I decided to go for a more clear-summer’s-day look in the final. The sketch also had an orange wash underneath and this contributes to an overall warmer-looking painting. I like them both! You will notice there *are* color notes that match between the two, like the shadow side of the main boat’s hull, among others. —S

About stevenAsimpson

I am a fine artist painting in oils in a loose realistic style.
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